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Datos Importantes:

Cambio/Moneda: 1US$= 7.40 Quetzales
>Se aceptan dolares pero deben estar en
perfecto estado (sin cortes, dobleces..)
>Euros son mas dificiles de cambiar en la
mayoria de bancos.

Poblacion: 248,019
Longitud: 90°44’02”
Altitud: 1530 mts.

Hora: GMT/UTC minus 6 hours

Electricidad:  110V, 60Hz
Codigo de area telefono: 502
Clima: 16-25 C
Epoca de lluvia: Mayo- Octubre
Our Services:

>Uso gratis e ilimitado de Wifi en
todas las habitaciones.
>Uso de computadora
>Cafe, te y pan dulce
>Agua pura
>Cable Tv en todas las habitaciones
>Banos privados con agua caliente

>Cuarto de lectura en el tercer piso
>vista de 360 grados desde la  

Otros servicios (Costo adicional):

Transporte (Shuttle)
Coordinacion de Tours
Surrounded by impressive volcanoes (Agua, Acatenango and Fuego), Antigua is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in
the world.

Listed as a
UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979, the Spanish colonial architecture is impressive and present in all of  it's
enchanting churches, monasteries and private homes. The cobblestone streets are lined with cafes, restaurants and shops
adding to the charming and colorful nature of this magnificent city.

Antigua is famous for its ruins, churches and traditional crafts like ceramics, silver and jade jewelery, wooden sculptures,
woven textiles and more.

If you visit Antigua during Semana Santa (Easter week) you will witness some of the most impressive processions in the
world as well as the elaborate Alfombras (carpets) made out of colored sawdust, pine needles and flowers.

Another attraction are the Coffee tours where you can get a glimpse into the process of Guatemala's world renown coffee.

Spanish language schools, some of the best and most affordable in Latin America are another great reason to come
experience Antigua and go home having learned another language while on vacation.